Anal Neoplasia Clinic, Research and Education (ANCRE) Center

The Anal Neoplasia Clinic, Research and Education (ANCRE) Center, part of the UCSF Helen Diller Family Comprehensive Cancer Center, is the world's first clinic devoted to anal cancer prevention.

UCSF experts were the first to identify the link between anal precancerous lesions and anal cancer and remain global leaders in the field.

Our goal

Our goal at the ANCRE Center is to treat anal HSIL to decrease the risk of developing anal cancer. We use a procedure called high-resolution anoscopy (HRA) to diagnose anal HSIL. Once HSIL is identified, we offer a wide range of treatment options including topical and ablative therapies. We also treat anal and perianal condylomata and monitor patients who have been treated for anal cancer. Our center is committed to clinical research to advance patient care and provides access to cutting-edge techniques in the field of anal cancer prevention.